Travel through Brazilian cooperativism


The National Confederation of Sicoob Unions (Sicoob Confederation)  is a cooperative of third grade that was built by the cooperatives of the system - Centrais Sicoob, with a representation intention that develops a standard, a supervision, an operational, finance, normative and technological integration.


The Sicoob Confederation defines politic and strategic communication marketing, mostly for the Sicoob mark.


The use of the confederations opens the possibility for Sicoob's affiliated, to has direct and indirect auditing and ombudsman, relation with associated, people capacitation, management information and technological solutions.


The singular cooperatives and the centrals, integrates a confederation which happens in a complementary way, always searching for safety transitions to the affiliated, whom is the real Sicoob's system owner.

Sicoob Confederation

Brazilian Cooperative System

Cooperative System of Distrito Federal