Travel through Brazilian cooperativism

The practice of technician interchange for knowledge, exchange of information and the promotion and generation of business is been used more and more in the world. Aware of this panorama, the Brazilian Cooperative System by means of System OCDF-Sescoop/DF, presents the program Technical Roadmaps of Cooperativism - RTC BRAZIL. RTC BRAZIL is structured in roadmaps of technical visits in cooperatives in various regions and areas of Brazil. By means of RTC BRASIL, experiences of success in Brazilian cooperativism can be known. These are examples of processes, of professional management, social and environmental responsibility, economic sustentability, social and economic impact on the region and the application of innovative technologies and the practice of the principles of cooperativism. Operated by cooperatives in the area of Tourism and Leisure, RTC BRAZIL is an example of the practice of inter-cooperation and promotion of the development of cooperativism.


Brazilian Cooperative System

Cooperative System of Distrito Federal