Travel through Brazilian cooperativism


Lights, Camera, action! As in a movie, the scenes, takes, and scripts are gradually being written, edited and revealed through the lens of professionals linked to the audiovisual area. The Manguinhos neighborhood, located in the north of the city of Rio de Janeiro, is home to the Manguinhos refinery and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, one of the largest national institutions of reference in microbiology, parasitology and in public health.


The neighborhood is home to stories, dreams and achievements important for anyone who believes and invests in shared and collective work.


It's from here that the Coopas Multi-image Cooperative emerged. Born in 1997 when 24 young people decided to come together and chose a cooperative as an efficient alternative to running the business without losing sight of the value of the citizen.


Today, there are now total 54 memebers.  Coopas aggregates industry professionals and provides audiovisual services, creating and producing content across multiple platforms: web, TV, print and even distance education.


Keen to provide a essentially associative work environment that focuses on the welfare of each individual, the quality of work of Coopas Multimagens has earned international awards. The short film "Greenland" of one of the members, won the 5th annual Film Festival of La Plata, Argentina, in two categories.

Coopas Multimagens

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