Travel through Brazilian cooperativism



In the state of ParanĂ¡ and with European colonization, the Witmarsum Cooperative, located on Brazilian Highway 277 at 146 Km, is located in the city of Palmeira, in southern ParanĂ¡.


Founded on October 28, 1952, the witmarsum Joint Farming Cooperative Ltd. currently has 310 members, who make their living from agriculture with the production of milk, broiling chickens, corn, soybeans, and wheat, among others.


The Witmarsum acts in the production of fodder and special cheeses, and also keeps all the structure of reception and grains storage, all produced by the affiliated.


The cooperative gives veterinary and agronomic technique assistance to the ones involved in the program, the cooperative offers all the necessary inputs for the production and commercialization of the products.


Participating in an active way of the social-economic development of the area, the cooperative is the owner of the school, the hospital and the museum, that are administrated by the Residents Association.


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