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In the state of Pernambuco, health is another important factor for the welfare of the population. The first medical cooperative, Unimed Recife, knows it and strives to deliver quality services with modern equipment and absolute respect for the clients. Requirements that make Unimed Recife health institutions fastest growing in Pernambuco, seen as the second medical center in Brazil.


With the largest service network in the region's own unique, Unimed Recife offers humane treatment, where each 1800 medical cooperative values life. The cooperative has 130 thousand beneficiaries who are served in 70 specialties. Unimed Recife also serves the public sector and professional associations with a wide network of hospitals, clinics and laboratories distributed strategically.


Unimed Recife is an institution that respects family values and the human being. a cooperative model that has social commitment to health 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Among the beauties of a region with a rich and productive inside a coastline, welcoming, cooperative brand has a presence in the Brazilian Northeast.


In Recife, the strength of the iceberg, the historic center and the beach bon voyage inspire the tourist as well as the palm trees in MaceiĆ³, capital of Alagoas. a region framed by natural and cultural options in tourist awaken a sense of belonging and value community and work together. Attributes widely recognized in cooperative activity.

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