Travel through Brazilian cooperativism


Each credit union operates in a particular region and the returns are applied in their area of expertise, strengthening the local economy.


In the Southern region of Brazil, Nova Petropolis is known as the national capital of cooperatives. The City is 97 km from the state capital, Porto Alegre.


The first credit union in Latin America, Amstad Economic Coffer and Loans, appeared in the city in 1902,  the Sicredi Pioneer. the cooperative operates in Serra Gaucha, Vale dos Sinos and Valley do Cai, and is present in 19 municipalities.


With 36 service points, it attends the needs of over 87 thousand members. It's a story of success and strength throughout its 111 years of existence, turning from pioneer to becoming a financial institution with credibility.

 Sicredi Pioneira

Brazilian Cooperative System

Cooperative System of Distrito Federal