Travel through Brazilian cooperativism


The Sicredi Confederation acts as the institutional representation of the system. Meeting legal and regulatory requirements, technological and corporate supervision policies, personnel management and expansion.


The confederation Audits the centers, the Bank and other companies controlled by or linked to the Sicredi system. The Sicredi cooperative system has values of operational excellence and management, focused on economic and social development.


In the whole southern region, the Sicredi brand is strongly established as a system that provides financial solutions geared toward generating income and contributing to improving the quality of life of members and society.


The unions of Sicredi System are organized in four: the Centers, the Confederation, the Foundations, the Cooperative Bank (Bansicredi). At Rio Grande do Sul the system is present in 90% of the municipalities and is the biggest finance institution for network treatment in the state.

Sicredi Confederation

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