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The Co-operative Savings and Credit Planalto Center (Sicoob Planalto Central) is a cooperative institution of second level that join DF singular credit cooperatives, which makes part of the Sicoob.


The Sicoob is formed by fifteen central cooperatives and five hundred and forty-five singular cooperatives, with more than 2,2 million of affiliated and a net worth of more than seven millions reais.


Creatted in 1995 by the cooperatives Sicoob Executivo, Sicoob Credijustra, Cooperforte, Coopercred and Coopernab, in a new conception of a unique central that will arrange the services of rural and urban credit from Distrito Federal, the Sicoob Planalto Central in a short period of time became national reference.


Its principal objectives was, keep the administrative, finance, economic and credit services organization, to the people affiliated benefit, and finally the finance integration of the cooperative system in DF.


The Sicoob Central DF cares for the accountancy, tributary, domestic control, auditing, and human resources, and affiliated training, services centralization.


Sicoob Planalto Central sets a new point in on DF's credit cooperatives history when started a more dynamic development system.

Sicoob Planalto Central

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