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The Brazil stands out internationally for the strength of the agricultural sector. Agribusiness represents over 22 % of GDP - Gross Domestic Product of Brazil.


The country is a major exporter of agricultural products in the world, with an emphasis on meats; forest products; soy - beans, meal and oil, coffee and complex alcohol and sugar.


This segment is the one with the largest number of cooperatives in the country, with 1,500 in 2012 and nearly a million members.



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Central West



Credit unions are formed by autonomous associations of persons who voluntarily join together to meet their economic and social needs.


Credit Unions are institutions with own legal form and nature, governed by specific laws, have democratic management, are self-managed and have no profit.


Credit unions constitute one of the main systems of cooperatives in Brazil. There are over a thousand cooperatives with 4.6 million members nationwide.

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Central West


The Brazil stands out for the strength of the cooperativism. There are thousands of cooperatives that operate in different sectors and contribute significantly to the nation's development, creating wealth and social opportunities.


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