Travel through Brazilian cooperativism


Transportation moves a country. It's  present in all production chains and is responsible for taking and bringing goods, wealth, people, and stories.... And it is in the South that the sector gains strength with cooperativism. Located in the City of  Arroio do Meio, The Transport Network center was created in 2011, to agregate transportation sector cooperatives


The transport network acts in the negotiation of better conditions for members and works based on the concept of "networks of cooperation". Currently, there are eight associated Cooperatives: Cootransul, Cooperlogin, Cotraibi, Cotramar, Coomabel, Coopervalelog, Cooperplan and Cotraouro.


There are more than two thousand associates, 81 colaborators and 24 branches. The fleet of the Transport Network center includes more than two thousand vehicles and their load capacity reaches 54 million tons. In all, it accounts for 52 % of the fleet, 54 % of the associates and 60 % of the revenue of Rio Grande do Sul transportation Cooperatives.


The transport network provides diverse benefits to individual cooperatives for development of their business, building the way for the structuring and professionalizing of Transportation Sector Cooperatives in the region and the country.

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