Travel through Brazilian cooperativism


Sugar cane has always been one of the main products of Brazilian agriculture. The country is now the largest producer of sugar cane in the world. In 2012, there were 9 million 149 thousand hectares, being one million 348 000 only in the Northeast.


It is in the state of Alagoas, in the Northeast of Brazil, where is an important area of plantation of sugar cane and fruits Located between the cities of Feliz Deserto, Pendedo and Coruripe. In this region is also the Cooperative Pindorama - the largest in the agribusiness sector in the Northeast.


The cooperative was born in 1956 from a settlement of farmers named cooperative Agricultural and Industrial Colonization Pindorama Today, it has an area of 30 thousand hectares and 160 thousand associates. Its fruit production generates 500 thousand boxes of juice, approximately 6000 bottles per hour. Commanded by small producers, the cooperative has Pindorama social development as one of their priorities.


In 2003, Pindorama got one of his greatest achievements: the sugar mill. One of the most modern in the country, has the capacity to produce 10,000 bags per day. Only in 2011, collected a million tons of cane sugar. The result of one of the most successful examples of agrarian reform in the country, the settlers of Pindorama turned into reality the dream of a better life and more dignified .


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