Travel through Brazilian cooperativism


In the marvelous  city, the mixture of creativity, quality and style translates into taste and authenticity in differentiated and diversified products produced by artisans who do not hide their passion for the craft.


They are part of Carioca Mix- Cooperative Artisans of the State of Rio de Janeiro.  It was created two years ago when a group of 28 craftsmen decided to expand market access. Today the cooperative has 41 members, almost double the original number.


The name Carioca Mix reflects the diversity of products that the cooperative offers and it emerged with the aim of expandingand facilitating production and strengthening ties with other industry professionals. Today, Carioca Mix produces accessories, jewelry, home furnishings, utilities and clothing.


Unlike other cooperatives in the area, Carioca Mix has marketing and service as the main link between its members. Each worker has their identity and produces their pieces individually, using various techniques and materials.


The cooperative also stimulates the search for knowledge through participation in fairs and events and providing access to courses, in addition to the exchange of experiences among members.


 Carioca Mix

Brazilian Cooperative System

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