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It is in the southeast that Brazil is found in all the accents, customs, colors and ways. As the most developed region of the country it is primarily responsible for the generation of economic wealth in the country. The southeast hosts real Brazilian postcards such as Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Hill in Rio de Janeiro, the cultural effervescence of São Paulo, a city that doesn't sleep, the natural beauty and flavors of Minas Gerais and the beauty of the Espirito Santo. Southeast Brazil collects and opens opportunities for Brazilians of all regions and also has the greatest congregation of cooperatives in the country . There are nearly five million members in the region. In southeast Brazil, the magic of handicraft, the power of working together and the beauty of the images reflect in the commitment of those who know the value of the cooperative, they reveal the importance of being part of and helping to build a better country. In the Marvelous City, the coast of Espírito Santo, and in the interior, the story is slowly being written by gestures, places and practices that increasingly strengthen Brazil and reaffirm the commitment of cooperatives with the country's development and the welfare of the population.


Mistura Carioca
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The RTC Brazil Program will involve 10 cooperatives in sector of Tourism and Leisure. These cooperatives will be responsible for the management and operation of the programs of the scripts in their respective regions. Currently, the System-OCDF Sescoop, responsible for the implementation of the program, is performing a selection of these operators. Please wait for further information.

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