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The north region of Brazil has one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world: the Amazon rainforest. A biome that has about 30 million species. Besides the natural beauty, visitors to the North of Brazil have options to discover the life and history of the place. In boating, the beaches of rivers, museums, and municipal markets one can experience the flavors and discover local products. Amazon offers a lot of possible kinds of works in community with the environment. Amid all the natural beauty, approximately 165,000 people take their income form the work in a corporative way. There are many craftsman and agricultures that uses the diversity of raw materials to make household utensils and decorative objects, or fruit industrializations that make the extraction of malva or juta available.




We are in the process of selection

The RTC Brazil Program will involve 10 cooperatives in sector of Tourism and Leisure. These cooperatives will be responsible for the management and operation of the programs of the scripts in their respective regions. Currently, the System-OCDF Sescoop, responsible for the implementation of the program, is performing a selection of these operators. Please wait for further information.

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