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The Midwest Region of Brazil is the second largest in land area in Brazil. Its the only Brazilian region that borders all the others, and is composed of the Federal District and the states of Goiás, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul. Mato Grosso do Sul is known worldwide for its biodiversity, found mainly in the Pantanal region. In the state, the cooperativism is featured with a hundred cooperatives and more than a hundred thousand members. The agricultural sector stands out and has a strong development in the state within the cooperative. In the center west of Brazil, the land where regional diversity demonstrates the strength of the region, agriculture strengthens and grows more and more with the work of the cooperative and the presence increasingly structured credit unions. A combination that make the region fertile ground for this instrument of economic organization of society.


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The RTC Brazil Program will involve 10 cooperatives in sector of Tourism and Leisure. These cooperatives will be responsible for the management and operation of the programs of the scripts in their respective regions. Currently, the System-OCDF Sescoop, responsible for the implementation of the program, is performing a selection of these operators. Please wait for further information.

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