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The northeast region of Brazil is known for its natural beauty and beaches. Its warm people and culture are attractions for tourists. Farming is another strong point of the region that accounts for 16 % of the arable land in the country sugar production, for example, has a long tradition in the northeast with the planting of sugar cane in this scenario, the cooperative system has a fundamental role. In the region there are 550.000 members, divided into 1,738 thousand cooperatives. Among the beauties of a region with a rich and productive inside a coastline, welcoming, cooperative brand has a presence in the Brazilian Northeast. In Recife, the strength of the iceberg, the historic center and the beach bon voyage inspire the tourist as well as the palm trees in Maceió, capital of Alagoas. A region framed by natural and cultural options in tourist awaken a sense of belonging and value community and work together. Attributes widely recognized in cooperative activity.


Colégio 3º Milênio
Unimed Recife


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The RTC Brazil Program will involve 10 cooperatives in sector of Tourism and Leisure. These cooperatives will be responsible for the management and operation of the programs of the scripts in their respective regions. Currently, the System-OCDF Sescoop, responsible for the implementation of the program, is performing a selection of these operators. Please wait for further information.

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