Travel through Brazilian cooperativism


The Pará state and its capital, Belém, are one of the biggest urban centers of the Norte. Craftsmen created the Artisans of Pará Cooperative - Amazon (Cooarpam).


Using the diversify types of raw it is possible to explore native wood, seeds, fish scale, leathers, fibers and also the reuse of urban material, it is possible to create objects to sell at the city's trade.


To keep the craftsman income production, Coarpam, encourages the work on team plays and the use of new techniques and designs. Founded in 2011, the Coarpam counts on 24 craftsman specialized in the use of the area's raw.


The objects produced by the cooperatives are from different kinds and techniques, some of them traditional, and others modern, like the reuse of raw materials or recycling of the urban discard.


Some example of products are, bags made of juta and leather, regional shirts, earrings, bracelets,  and strings made of seeds, wood, fiber or pearls, there are also, jeweler- box, soap, scented candles, leather sandals,  ceramics and the classics Pará's perfumes, as the favorites, priprioca, patchouli and pau d'angola.


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