Travel through Brazilian cooperativism


It is in the Midwest where is one of the top 10 agricultural cooperatives in Brazil: Agro-industrial Cooperative of Rural Producers of Southwest Goiás, known as Comigo.


Founded in Rio Verde, in the state of Goiás, the Comigo plays an important role in leverage the development of the southwestern region of the state. Its actions, especially in the areas of research and technological development, reverberated to the progress of agribusiness in Goiás, in the Midwest region of Brazil.


In the beginning, there were only 31 members. Almost 40 years later, comigo has approximately six thousand members. The actions of the cooperative resulted in changes in the profile of the region's farmers.


Comigo has an industrial complex to meet the needs of members, filling containing soybean oil, fertilizer plant, feed mill and soap, dairy industry, laboratories, seed processing unit, among others, in addition to ten units storage facilities with capacity to receive and store one million and 50 thousand tons of soybeans and corn. In the agricultural product stores, Comigo sells over eight thousand items to meet associates.



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