Travel through Brazilian cooperativism


Located about 137 km north of the state capital, Campo Grande, the municipality of São Gabriel do Oeste is the largest pig producer in the state.


Here, on March 5, 1993, 25 members, all linked to agribusiness created the Cooperative São Gabriel do Oeste, Cooasgo. At its headquarters, the Cooperative provides services receiving grain, pig production, feed supply, agricultural technical assistance, veterinary and environmental services, among others.


Units producing piglets, three in all, producing over 24 thousand pigs per month. The Cooasgo is one of the largest generators of jobs and contributes significant revenues for the municipality of São Gabriel do Oeste.


The Cooasgo is also the biggest company that offers so many kinds of new jobs opportunities, and contributes with part of the revenues of the municipality.


The development of pig's culture based on the cooperatives spirit is part of Cooasgo's lead solutions plan for the cooperatives needs, offering those people new products alternatives, using technological and commercialization techniques, which makes part of the community development goal for a better life.


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