Travel through Brazilian cooperativism


Milk and dairy products are some of the most indispensable food on the table of the Brazilians. Give conditions to producers so that they can develop the activity of producing milk is the main mission of the Central Cooperative Dairy Goiás - Centroleite and its 15 affiliated cooperatives. There are about 5,000 associate producers, responsible for the production of 240 million liters of milk per year.


Product marketed by Centroleite and equivalent to 10% of the milk produced in the state of Goiás Centroleite is Brazil's largest cooperative in the individual sale of milk to the industry and is among the ten largest dairy cooperatives in the country.


With an integrated management system, milk is marketed by virtual center that identifies the amount available in the affiliated cooperatives and industry demand. So, negotiating price and delivery, streamlining the process and eliminating intermediaries.


The product quality is certified by the Federal University of Goiás and Centroleite and has a technical group to propose and develop practices and procedures to further improve the quality of the product.




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