Travel through Brazilian cooperativism


In Paraná in the early twentieth century, Dutch immigrants settled in a small town called Carambeí, located 135 kilometers from the capital Curitiba.


Here, the ancestral knowledge of the immigrants in the art of dairy production resulted in the origins of the Batavo brand. It was founded to produce artisinal milk and dairy products for the local market and was baptized as the Paraná dairy Cooperative Center. In 1928 it was named Batavo and in 1980, it became one of the model organizations in the state segment.


Over time, the cooperative also started to work in the meat industry, and has expanded its portfolio of milk and dairy products. Today, more than 500 members develop activities in 29 municipalities in the region, operating in markets of soy, corn, beans, winter cereals, seed production, and dairy and pig farming. Milk production reached 129 million liters in 2012.


As an agribusiness cooperative, it has a vision to be a sustainability reference in agribusinesses and has the  philosophy that no producer is as good as all of them together.


Brazilian Cooperative System

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