Travel through Brazilian cooperativism


The Banco Cooperativo Sicredi S.A is the first private cooperative bank of Brazil. Constituted in 1995, the bank acts as an instrument for credit cooperatives to access the financial market and special programs of financing, to administrate in scale the resources of the System, to develop corporative products and politics of communication and marketing.


The bank's atuation is turned to attend the social demands of the credit cooperatives of Sicredi and also of those with whom it keeps specific agreements to provide services.


To better attend those demands, Basicredi is linked to an insurance broker, to a card administrator and to an administrator of consortia.



The insurance broker is responsible for providing, through credit cooperatives, solutions in products of insurance to members. The card administrator offers, through credit cooperatives, solutions for payment in electronic devices to the members.


The administrator of consortia is responsible for providing, through credit cooperatives, solutions related to consortia to the members.



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